There is nothing worse, no greater pain that you can experience as a person than losing a loved one. You start treasuring everything they touched, wrote, or gave you because all you want is to be as close to them as you can. El Pasoan and star Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones lost his dad to COVID-19 in April and during his first Green Bay home game since his father passed away, he was wearing a necklace with his dad's ashes. Sometime after his second of four amazing touchdowns during the game against the Detroit Lions, he lost the necklace.

It appeared that he flashed to the camera when he was celebrating the touchdown but at the end of the game, he realized it was gone. When he was asked about it during the post-game press conference, he seemed very calm about the loss. He said that he thought that grounds crews were out looking for the necklace but said that if was going to lose it anywhere, the endzone would be the place his dad would tell him to lose it while making a touchdown.

I have to say, I'm am such a fan of Aaron Jones. You know I know absolutely nothing about football, it's not that. I just think he seems like such a good guy. I've never seen him have a bad interview, he's always upbeat and respectful, and he clearly loves his family and his hometown.

I love to see him flash the 915 Strong sign when he scores, and the fact that he never fails to is just another reason why El Paso is so lucky to have him. The guy is a superstar but he never forgets to show us that he remembers where he came from. I'm so glad that his necklace was found and that he can keep his dad close to him again.

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