Yesterday, in the wake of Major League Baseball's second 50 game suspension for violating the drug policy in as many weeks, ESPN's Skip Bayless, from First Take, made reference to the fact that he feels Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees is using steroids.

Really Skip? Derek Jeter? Have you looked at his stats? Did you even think of any one but your self and the ratings of your poorly done, fledgling TV show that needs the ratings? Did you?

I am not a Yankee fan but I do respect the way Derek Jeter has carried himself and his actions during his carrier in New York. Jeter has been in New York with that media circus for going on 18 years. He has never had a scandal, never been married then divorced, never had a falling out with the manager, never caused any problem whatsoever.

The fact is, the only real issues Jeter has had, his last contract negotiation and the fact that he leaves gift baskets for his lady friends after one night stands. When you are talking about millions of dollars and hundreds of women, these are two things everyone would gladly take the heat for. Right?

But when you are talking about something as serious as the use of steroids, especially nowadays and damaging not only a career but a legacy of one of the greatest baseball players of our time, you better come to the camera with more than speculation or what you think is true, Skip. You better have facts to back up what you are talking about before you start dragging or attempting to drag someone through the mud.

I live in a glass house and I realize I shouldn't throw stones but when something as malicious as this takes place, it makes me feel like the job I love and do, along with so many other people I respect, not only here in El Paso but around the country has been tarnished and shamed.

Then again, it's Skip Bayless and nobody really watches First Take or cares what he has to say anymore.

Isn't that right , Skip?

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