We hear about contests all the time. A lot of people think, " Why should I enter, I won't win." well that was almost the way Adam Ortega from East El Paso acted with our contest at 600 ESPN El Paso, Win Steve Kaplowitz Media Pass.

We first got together with Adam at the Weigh In on Friday afternoon.

Adam told me he had been looking for tickets to go with some friends and told a co-worker " I am just going to enter the contest."

Then the next day he received a call from Steve and let me tell you, he could not have been happier.

I got the chance to meet Adam at the station and we went together to the fight. It was a great time and Adam got to meet and hang out Brandon Cohn, Duke Keith and "The Monster" Mando Medina.

I could go on and on about the night but I thought it would be better to let Adam tell you how the night went.

Sadly though, we taped the last interview before the press conference and that does not afford Adam the chance to tell you what happen. I have some pictures here to show you!

Contest winner Adam Ortega at the press conference after the fight









Adam Ortega at the press conference after the fight










So we get Bob Arum and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in the background but then we spot an opening and who did we see to snap a picture of Adam with? Yes, Freddie Roach!

Contest winner Adam Ortega and Trainer Freddie Roach










The interviews are below. Enjoy!

Thanks again for being a great guy and hanging out Adam! I really enjoyed it!


"I am definitely looking forward to seeing Abie Han and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr tonight."



"It was great seeing Mike Price lead Chavez to the ring, yet another thing to give the fight a little El Paso flavor"




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