After all but accusing Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees of colluding to get rid of him and his $275 million contract, Alex Rodriguez may have dug himself a hole he'll never get out of.

What kind of hole? Think Jimmy Hoffa.

According to this story in the New York Daily News quoting sources within Major League Baseball, the last straw was an explosive press conference held by A-Rod after playing with the Yankees Double-A affiliate in Trenton, NJ, Friday, in which he said "more than one" party would benefit from his being cut loose from his contract in New York, and that it wouldn't be his teammates or the fans.

He wouldn't name anyone or any organization by name, but it was easy for MLB to read between the lines. According to the Daily News, representatives for the MLB players' union reached out to baseball to continue what have been contentious negotiations for a shorter sentence for Rodriguez. The union was told, in essence, "Thanks, but no thanks."

The Daily News states that it appears MLB is satisfied it has more than enough evidence against A-Rod to do what it wants, but has been negotiating with the rehabbing slugger to avoid further contention when it announces all of the players who will be suspended based mainly on the testimony of former Biogenesis Clinic CEO Tony Bosch this Monday.

The article quotes sources who believe MLB will suspend the 38-year-old a minimum of 214 games, meaning Rodriguez would be 40 before he could play another game of organized baseball in the United States.