Yesterday's World Cup Qualifier match between the United States and Mexico was not only a battle on the field, the fans in the stands decided to get in on the action as well. Although team Mexico controlled the ball most of the game and took plenty of shots, they just were not able to score on the U.S. In fact, Mexico had 19 shots (3 on goal) while the U.S had only 1. Considering a lack of goals, there was plenty of action in the form of hard fouls and players "mouthing off" to each other. This rivalry really heated up when in about the 75 minute Maurice Edu had a controversial tackle inside the penalty box. There was no foul called and the U.S was able to stop all other efforts and walk away with a draw. However, the result of the match was not received well by most of the 105,000 in attendance at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico.