As COVID-19 has been able to shut so many things down across the United States, one thing that has stayed strong is the memorabilia and sports card market.

That was clearly evident as a collector dropped $492,000 on a classic baseball card this week.

A 1919 Shoeless Joe Jackson baseball card netted $492,000 from an auction and shows how the market is still out of this world for timeless sports memorabilia such as this Jackson card.

This wasn't a Prizm or Donruss, it was a card called T210 Old Mill which were Tobacco cards back then.

The cards were sold by the Foster family after they discovered the rare cards when their son was going through some of the cards he found in a pale at his father's office.

Once they did a little research, they were able to find out that they all had some real value.

As they continued searching they realized they had a real gem with the Shoeless Joe Jackson card.

After holding onto them for 11 more years, they decided to sell the Jackson card on auction.

According to ESPN, the family watched the auction from their own homes and were in constant communication as the auction ended with a $492,000 price tag.

The collector who purchased the 110-year-old card remains anonymous.

Shoeless Joe Jackson was banned from Major League Baseball after he was accused of fixing World Series games.


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