Travis Frederick is headed to the Sports and Get Fit Expo this Saturday at Southwest University Park. Check out some things you may not have known about the football star.

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    His Family Are Bears Fans, but Love Tony Romo

    The family supports the Chicago Bears, his grandfather has been a season ticket holder for over 40 years. Even though they support the Bears, they are still Tony Romo fans. Romo grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin and played high school there. The family rooted Romo on from high school all the way up into the NFL.

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    Frederick Has Brawn and Brains

    Travis Frederick is not only known for his strong technical skill on the field, he's known for his technical skill off the field too. While a student at Wisconsin, Frederick was a double major in computer science and computer engineering.

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    His Former Teammates Voted Him "Most Likely to Be President"

    During an old "Ask The Badgers" interview, nearly all his teammates voted him as teammate who would most likely serve as president. Described by his former teammate as "tremendously intelligent," Frederick was known for giving guidance to other players on the field. His former roommate also said Frederick is "obviously a brainiac."

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    He's a Country Music Fan

    Frederick must love living in Texas now. When asked what his top 5 favorite musicians/ bands were, he named Eric Church. Tim McGraw and George Strait. The other two were The Eagles and The Beatles.

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    He Broke His Former Teammate's Bones

    Travis Frederick was known for his "nastiness" on the field, according to his old college coach Bret Bielema:

    I had to get on him a few of times. He broke a couple guys' arms and wrists by throwing them down on the ground and whacking them a little bit after the play, on our own team.

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    That Luscious Beard

    The man loves his beard. He started growing it in the 8th grade and has only cut it a couple times. Frederick also said that he sometimes finds food in there from his previous meal. That has brought him to the conclusion that "for every inch that you have on your beard, you need another napkin."

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    He Played Almost Every Sport Growing Up

    Travis Frederick wrestled in high school as well as football. He also threw shot put and discus. In middle school he played a little bit of basketball and baseball and believes he also played soccer when he was really young.