Years ago, when Chad Middleton was part of our 600 ESPN El Paso staff, we introduced our Twitter handle to our listening audience on Sportstalk and it immediately caught on. Twitter Tuesday became an instant hit and many of our loyal supporters preferred to weigh in on Twitter than on the phones. In fact, I would estimate about 75-percent of our current audience interaction during our live shows is on Twitter.

Part of the fun was video streaming our shows on our 600 ESPN El Paso YouTube channel. We had an extensive archive of live studio broadcasts but recently we were forced to delete them because of copyright issues with the published music we play during the programs.

April 17th 2018 is a day I am excited about because we have launched our first ever podcast subscription on iTunes and Google Play for our listeners. The two links are long. iTunes: Google Play: However, once you have it saved, it will be easy to take us wherever you go. Over the last 20 years, I have saved some of my most memorable interviews on Sportstalk. We will be adding those classic conversations into our podcasts in the days and weeks to come. Another feature I am super exited about are some of the best interviews from the Don Haskins Radio Show I co-hosted with The Bear from 2006-2008 will soon be added to our podcasts.

As for current shows, Sal Montes is working hard to condense every three-hour broadcast into a podcast that is between 45 and 85 minutes long. We will include our best guests and callers from every show. We are launching today with 18 Sportstalk programs from the last month and many more to come as we build our library. As always, we appreciate any feedback you can give us. Just send us your thoughts to and we will do our best to answer you in a timely fashion. Happy listening!

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