She may be 60, but Gloria Linares still likes to be on her feet.

Linares has finally completed her goal of running a marathon in all 50 states.

Linares crossed number 50 off her list Saturday when she crossed the finish line in the Mayor’s Marathon in Alaska.

The grandmother of six and female version of Forrest Gump from Great Neck, New York had some extra incentive in her most recent race – her four children all flew in to participate in parts of the marathon with her.

Linares, who came to the US three decades ago from Colombia as a single mother, was beaming after she finished the race, noting, “I did it! I am so happy. It feels so good.”

Linares has managed to maintain a strict routine since her first big race, the New York City Marathon, back in 1978. She trains 10 miles a day and eats a low-carb diet chock full of vegetables. She also works at a nail shop and somehow squeezes in time to volunteer for a church and hospital, working with immigrants. She said, “I love helping people.” Take that, all you couch potatoes!

Now that Linares has left her footprints in all 50 states, what’s next? She hopes to run on all seven continents. Having done North America, South America and Europe, she hopes to conquer Antarctica in 2015.

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