Last week, we covered the wrestlers you probably thought were alive, but are actually dead. Today, we talk about the ones still walking the Earth that people think have passed on.

Professional wrestling is a crazy sport, with some wrestlers performing as several different characters during their careers, or leaving and showing up years later as a completely different person. So it makes sense that often times there are rumors regarding the demise of various superstars, often their rampant drug and alcohol abuse fuels such rumors.

From a former ‘kid’ turned into a degenerate to a legend who brought a giant snake with him to the ring, not all wrestlers rumored to have died actually have left to that big squared circle in the sky. Here are five wrestlers you probably thought were dead — but are still very much alive.

Sean Waltman


Sean Waltman, better known as ‘The 1-2-3 Kid’ and ‘X-Pac’ is a former multiple time champion in both the WWE and WCW, as well as a member of the infamous wrestling stable known as D-Generation X. A noted drug user and lover of all things alcohol, Waltman was rumored to have been dead a couple of times. Having recently been arrested for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, we can only hope that X-Pac has finally learned his lesson and will kick that habit for good.

Lex Luger


Another on the list that some people think has passed away, Lex Luger had his share of problems with drugs and alcohol throughout his career, and even suffered a spinal stroke in 2007 that left him paralyzed for some time. He would eventually recover and nowadays works with the WWE from time to time, helping educate younger superstars on the dangers of drugs and the importance of health and nutrition. It’s not known if he gives them a ride in the ‘Lex Express’

The Ultimate Warrior


The man known as Warrior, formerly Jim Hellwig as he had his name legally changed in 1992, has been the subject of various ridiculous rumors since he became popular. Many would say that the original Ultimate Warrior died and a lookalike took over. Where these came from we don’t know but we are here to put them to rest once and for all, there is only one original Ultimate Warrior. Mr. Warrior is now a noted fan of Twitter, often uploading inspirational videos,and speaking his mind. Still intense as ever he appears to be doing just fine.

Scott Hall


Scott Hall has had a well documented battle with drugs and alcohol throughout his career, often keeping him from the greatness he seemed destined for. Still he was quite successful, especially in the WCW, where he was a member of the ‘NWO.’ Scott has been in and out of wrestling for many years now, usually because of a seemingly non stop battle with the bottle. Fortunately for Hall, he is still around fighting and we can only hope he is close to giving the addiction a ‘Razor’s Edge’ once and for all.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts


Number one on our list could only be Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. A true legend and one of the all time greats. Featuring menacing promos, and an awesome finishing move called the DDT, Jake was probably most famous for the giant python he carried to the ring with him. Roberts, for many years, dealt with a drug and alcohol problem, so bad that he would often show up to events drunk or completely out of his mind. He entered a WWE sponsored rehab program a couple years back and appears to be doing better.

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