This year’s WrestleMania wasn’t all great; there were a few moments that had fans questioning their decision to pony up for Pay-Per-View. Here are the 5 Worst Moments from WrestleMania 28.

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy

There were too many people involved, which became quite apparent as soon as the match begun, with people tagging in and out so fast it was hard to keep track of who was legal in the match. Guys who deserve better were left to stand around wearing dumb t-shirts and attempting to act like they cared. Mark Henry should have been in the main event!

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs Beth and Eve

This was just a terrible match that ended with the non-wrestler Menounos winning by rolling up the Divas Champion. Beth, who has worked hard all year to show that she is a very talented female wrestler, quite simply deserved better. It’s a shame when a non-wrestler can show up for one day and get more time than the title holder.

No big surprise returns

With rumors swirling that Brock Lesnar and Dave Batista had arrived in Miami, many people were hoping for at least one of them to make their presence felt, instead we were treated to a ‘Mania very much like last year with no surprises throughout. We can think of a couple cool scenarios that would have been a nice surprise for the fans, such as maybe Lesnar attacking The Undertaker after the match and setting up something for next year’s event.

Machine Gun Kelly and Flo-Rida

You know it’s not a good idea when your performer is getting booed out of the building, people want wrestling at WrestleMania not a horrible performance buy a guy who looks like Eminem’s little brother. Flo-Rida fared a little better but this is a wrestling show, not the VMAs! Both men performed for the main event with MGK representing John Cena and Flo-Rida representing The Rock. You would think the WWE would learn that live music at ‘Mania never really works, but they just keep on trying.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

The biggest disappointment of the night was easily how the World Heavyweight Championship match went down. Sheamus, who won the Royal Rumble, and Bryan, who has worked hard the past few months to show people he’s worthy of being in the main event, were given a whopping 18 seconds for their match. Daniel Bryan is quite possibly the best wrestler in the company and this felt like a slap in the face to all the people who were looking forward to seeing what he could on the grandest stage of them all. There’s always next year. Maybe they’ll get 20 seconds next time.