If you're looking for the best restaurants to have a romantic meet-up OR a date night in El Paso, these are the TOP 5, according to Tripadvisor.


LOVE is in the air people, and if you're looking for a place to show off your love to that special someone, these romantic restaurants are GUARANTEED to impress.

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#5 Ruth Chris Steak House

"So good! Steaks, sides, cocktails, and desserts are just top-notch! Service was great, attentive but not annoyingly so. We hadn’t been to this Ruth Chris in El Paso, we will be back. The steaks were done perfectly to order, lobster tail was so yummy. Everything great!" - @janeynm

#4 Mesa St. Grill

"It was delicious, the service was fast, the food was delicious, the ambiance is nice and the music was not too loud. Definitely recommend!" - @Maelle242

#3 Anson Eleven

"Delicious Saturday brunch with great service! I had a very nice, refreshing strawberry basil water and the Anson 11 Breakfast, which has a little bit of everything great for breakfast!" - @882deniset

#2 Cafe Central

"It was a 3 for 3: Excellent food Excellent service Excellent ambiance My husband and I agree, we can’t think of anywhere across the country that’s any better. It was a very special evening for us both celebrating birthday #70! Good job, Cafe Central!" - @LeslieW978

#1 Taft Diaz


"We Visited here for breakfast. The staff was so engaging! It felt like home as soon as we walked in. The decor here is so elegant and refreshing. I was so shocked at how beautiful this place is. The food! The food! The food. OMG soo good. You can tell they take pride in their craft. Everything was fresh and locally sourced. I had the pancakes with fresh fruit and Real Maple syrup. The cinnamon roll was really good too. I may have to swing by and grab one on the way to work in the morning *wink.
I highly recommend this hotel and restaurant." -@Tellit14

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