The Super Bowl is Sunday, have you heard? With two weeks of nothing but repetitive discussion, you've probably grown sick of 'Deflate-Gate,' heard all you ever will out of Marshawn Lynch, and watched all of the new commercials

That's why we want to offer you up something you probably haven't seen too much of: ridiculously absurd prop bets for the big game. We all know New England is favored by a point, but what are the odds on Katy Perry's cleavage? That's what we're here to tell you.

Let's take a look at the five most absurd prop bets via Sportsbook.

  • 1

    Katy Perry - Will She be showing Cleavage during Halftime Show

    Yes (-600), No (+350)

    This is what oddsmakers would call the lock of the millennium. That's why you'd have to risk $600 just to win $100. It's probably not worth taking the chance, but there's a pretty good chance you'll be watching either way.

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  • 2

    Who will have the most crotch grabs During Super Bowl XLIX

    Katy Perry (-120), Marshawn Lynch (-120)

    Oddsmakers say this one is a toss up but we're taking Katy Perry for two reasons. First, halftime performers are known to be over the top. Second, Lynch has told us repeatedly he's trying to avoid getting fined so he'll leave his crotch alone.

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  • 3

    Super Bowl XLIX - Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the Game Thank First

    This bet just makes us realize how rare it is to actually hear the athletes thank their family on the big stage. Teammates is a small favorite here but God seems like it could be the best bet. If it's Tom Brady, we're guessing he'll thank the fans first.

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  • 4

    An Offensive Lineman to Score a TD (Listed as Offensive Lineman on the Roster)


    There's only one side to play on this bet, but it pays well if a we get a fat guy touchdown on Sunday. The only reason you'd probably consider this is because the Patriots have shown a bit of trickeration the past two playoff games, which actually led to a touchdown from offensive lineman Nate Solder.

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  • 5

    Bill Belichick - Hoodie Style for Super Bowl XLIX

    Full Sleeves (+170), Sleeves Cut (-235)

    You know that the New England coach rarely wears anything but a gray hoodie on the sideline, but apparently it comes in two distinct styles. With the game in the desert and a high of 68 on Sunday, sleeves cut seems like an obvious pick.

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