Whenever a concert comes to El Paso, we go to have a good time. Sometimes some lucky fans get an even BETTER time when they get invited up on stage and they become PART of the show. That's certainly happened in El Paso a few times.

Don Haskin Center

When Romeo Santos, aka the Bachata King, came to Don Haskins Center in 2018, during his set, he invited a couple of fans to join him on stage to sing Bella y Sensual with him.

Thankfully the YouTube user, 915 Sneakers, posted an 11 minute video of this "sing-off"

Speaking Rock

Another lucky fan got to join on stage in 2022 during the Rockzilla tour at Speaking Rock. It was during Hollywood Undead's set that a lucky fan named, Jules, was invited on stage to rip a nasty solo on stage. He also stayed to play the very next song, Coming In Hot.

Mulitple times with Green Day

Perhaps the most well known band to let fans join them on stage is Green Day. When they came to El Paso, they kept that tradition going. In 2013 during their show at Tricky Falls (R.I.P.), they invited a lucky fan to sing a couple of lines of Know Your Enemy.

The fan would then run off and do an epic stage dive.

When they returned to the Coliseum in 2017, they invited ANOTHER fan during Know Your Enemy and boy did she nail not only the singing, but that stage dive as well.

Supposedly there might have been ANOTHER fan at the 2017 show that was also on stage. They asked Reddit if there were any photos or videos; not sure if it was the girl in the previous video. If it wasn't, I'm also curious and would also love to see these videos & photos, but if you CAN help this fan out, definitely go for it.

There's also stories of fans FROM El Paso getting to party on stage; one fan got to meet the YouTube celebrities Game Grumps & even party video games on stage during their live show.

I hope to see more instances like this; fans getting the experience of a lifetime and a story they're remember for life.

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