I spent most of last week on vacation between Reno and San Francisco. No trip would be complete without baseball and I was lucky enough to have caught a pair of games at AT&T Park and the new Reno Aces Ballpark. Both stadiums left a huge impression with me.

1. Reno has the best ballpark in the Minors. Obviously I'm biased, and haven't been to many of the new stadiums, but it's tough to top this three year old masterpiece. Built in the heart of downtown Reno, Aces Ballpark has every modern amenity to offer. What makes it special, though is the new Freight House District. Added on to Aces Ballpark last year, the Freight House District is best described as a year-round entertainment venue.

It has everything...a sports bar, full service restaurants, dance club, patio lounge, and is open prior to and long after home games. If El Paso ever builds a new downtown stadium, Aces Ballpark and the Freight House District is clearly the blueprint.

2. AT&T Park is unbelievable! As far as Major League stadiums go, this one is sweet! Built on the bay, AT&T Park offers spectacular views, while their family-friendly environment is a huge plus. Like most new ballparks, the concession prices are a little steep.

I had to try the garlic fries, but $7.50 was a bit high.   

3. Rick Parr is still a First Class Minor League Baseball GM. The longtime right-hand man who spent so many years with Jim Paul and the Diablos is now entering his third season as GM of the Reno Aces. Parr was kind enough to spend two innings with us on opening night. Reno is lucky to have him.