There's no surprise if I told you the Cubs and Indians were in the World Series. Both teams have droughts that have lasted decades, and in the case of the Cubs, a century. However, one of those long streaks is coming to an end. The Cubs have to be the overwhelming fan favorite, plus the stats position by position would favor the Northsiders over the Indians. Yet there is still that aire of doubt looming over the heads of the Cubbies who have had plenty of disappointment in the past.

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The city of Chicago though, has had it's fair share of championships since the last time the Cleveland Indians won the Fall Classic in 1948. The BlackHawks, White Sox, Bears and Bulls have given the Chicago fan base 12 championships while Cleveland as a whole struggled to form a competitive team for decades.

This year though, the city with more nicknames for heartbreaking plays than winning seasons, transformed into Believe-land and lead by LeBron James, the Cavaliers defeated the overwhelming fan and statistical favorite Golden State Warriors.Prior to the Indians series with the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS, Akron native and Cleveland's renewed favorite son, LeBron James, gave the Tribe a rousing speech that helped lift the team over the Jays, and ultimately punched their ticket to the World Series.

There has been little hidden about the struggles of Cubs fans. From the Curse of the Goat, to blaming Steve Bartman for something hundreds of thousands of fans have done in the past. The Cubs seemingly have had more bad luck than any franchise in sports history,

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I though, think the magic of Believe-land is something real. Cleveland as a whole struggled for 52 years between championships and there is a feeling of starting a new in the whole city, while there seems to still be that cloud over Chicago. On ESPN's Sports Center, Jay Harris read a note from Bartman's spokesman when asked if Steve would throw out the first pitch. "The chance of that happening, is slim, to none, to impossible..."

Perhaps it might be time for the multiple curses of the Cubs to come to an end, however as a history buff, there's a part of me that loves seeing this streak. The Cubbies not winning the whole thing is about as reliable as the sun rise and set daily, why mess up a good thing? But, it goes deeper than my never ending quest to be #HaterOfTheYear, it's the fact that Cleveland has been through much more as a whole. Who knows when there will ever be another chance for the city to win it all in more than one sport!

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One thing is for sure though, while one team is feeling the ecstasy of  winning the whole thing, the other is still goin' streakin'! Here's to a great Fall Classic, and may your team feel the agony of defeat.

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