This was reported by our news partners at KVIA ABC-7.  A Mexican artist has proposed a giant yellow sculpture for El Paso that would stand across from the giant “X” statue in Juarez. And the city can have it for the bargain-basement price of only 3 Million (dollars, not pesos).

It looks like this:

Courtesy of FitFam
Courtesy of FitFam
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The artist, Pedro Francisco Rodriguez, said the statue would stand about 130 feet tall and would represent a “threshold into the future”.  Also, Rodriguez should be placed in Ascarte Park, right across the border from the “La Equis” monument in Juarez.

Here are a few things this image evokes to me, personally:

  • A McDonald’s sign a team of blindfolded guys with no skill with tools.
  •  The logo for a kid’s network that failed in the ‘90’s
  •  “Kid” from “Kid-n-Play”
  • If the aliens from “2001: A Space Odyssey” had a little more panache.
  • A Keith Haring print.
  • The Hollywood Bowl if it existed in Toon Town.
  • The entrance to Pikachu University
  • Part of a leftover set from “In Living Color”
  • Thor’s hair and beard
  • A $40,000 a month electric bill
  • A Naked Marge Simpson as painted by Picasso
  • The World’s Largest Sunoco filling station
  • The backdrop from the original London Stage adaptation of "The Lion King"

So, yeah. I think I speak for everyone when I say we should DEFINITELY approve this, find the 3 Mil ASAP and hopefully have this thing up and…doing whatever it does before Memorial Day.

Just one suggestion: add a water feature streaming out of the top crossbar. El Paso could be home to the “Largest Golden Shower” in the world.

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