You probably never read the injury/death waiver on the backside of your game ticket when you go to a sporting event. Well this article may give you the nudge to actually glance at it.

We are not saying that going to a game will kill you, because many people go see a game every day and live. Still you need to check out some ways people have died going to support their team.

Josh Hamilton Tossing Ball to a Fan

During the second inning of a Texas Rangers game in 2011, Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton tossed a souvenir ball to fan Shannon Stone who was sitting in the stands. As Stone leaned over to catch the ball, he lost his footing and fell 20 feet to his death.

Woman Dies Watching Tour de France

Back in 2009 during the Tour de France, a female fan watching a leg of the race was killed when a police motorcycle hit her.  The woman was in her 60’s when she was trying to cross the road (insert your chicken crossing the road jokes) when she was hit by a bike. The cop fell off his bike and slid into some other fans but they lived to see another day. This is not the first time someone was killed at the Tour de France. In 2002 a child was killed when a car swiped him. The car was part of a publicity caravan to cover the race. They say any press is good press, but I’m not sure in this instance that is the case.

Blackburn Rovers Soccer Fan Killed By Garbage Can

Soccer or “football” as our friends across the pond call it has seen many fan deaths at events. This one seems very strange, but it is a true story. In 2010, the Blackburn Rovers, an English soccer team was playing a normal match. In the stands there was nothing normal about the death of John Taylor, who was a fan of the Rovers. It seemed that John in true soccer fashion headed a 25lb garbage can that was being tossed in the air by other Rover fans. After an investigation was done the death was aptly titled “death by misadventure.”

Mets Fan Falls Down Escalator

Being a Met fan is tough enough, but when your last time on Earth is at Shea Stadium you might have reconsidered being a Met fan. Back in 2008, Antonio Nararainsami went to a Mets game with his family. He lost his balance on an escalator and fell to his death. The investigation showed that Antonio lost his footing on the escalator and fell two stories. If you think that never happened before at Shea, well in 1985 another man fell 100 feet from an escalator and died. Looking at these two tragic events it is a good thing the Mets play in a new stadium.

Red Sox Fan Victoria Snelgrove  Takes Pellet Round to the Eye

Before the Sox went to the World Series in 2004, there was a huge celebration in Boston when they beat the Yankees after being down in the ALCS series 0-3. You would think that all Boston fans would be rejoicing. Unfortunately the celebration in Boston resulted in the death of Victoria Snelgrove. She was killed by a Boston police officer who shot her in the eye with a pellet round. An ambulance could not get through the crowd in enough time to help her. Eventually she was taken to a hospital where she died. Trot Nixon was quoted as saying that he “would give back game seven to bring her back.”

Brittanie Cecil Hit with Puck at Columbus Blue Jackets Game

In 2002, Brittanie Cecil was watching the Blue Jackets take on the Calgary Flames. She was struck in the head by the puck after it was deflected from a player.  A few days later she died from trauma to her brain. This was the first time in NHL history that a fan was killed from watching the game.

Soccer Stampede in Ghana

Back in 2001, a massive riot cause 120 soccer fans to die during a game between Accra Hearts of Oak and Kumasi Asante Kotoko. With the game almost being over the Hearts scored two quick goals which led to the Asante fans become angry and they started throwing debris on the field. The police then fired gas pellets into the seats which led to a massive panic and ultimately the deaths of 120 fans.

Fan Beaten to Death Outside Phillies Game

For the city known as the “city of brotherly love”, there was no love during a Phillies game on July 25, 2009. David Sale was killed after a fight outside Citizens Bank Park. Sale was hanging with his friends for a bachelor party where there was a lot of drinking going on. Shocking right? They went from the stands to a bar that was in the stadium to drink some more. This is where the day turned for Sale. He and his friends got into a fight with another group at the bar. Both parties were kicked out of the bar and into the parking lot. Jim Grove, Charles Bowers, and Francis Kirchner beat Sale repeatedly until Sale stopped moving. After being taken to the hospital Sale died later that day. The fight or I should say beat down was on camera so the police saw exactly what happened. The cause of the fight was said to have started because someone spilled beer on a person in the other party.  To paraphrase Chris Rock, “If someone spills beer on your Pumas, let it slide.”

Atlanta Braves Fan Falls to His Death

Justin Hayes was a enjoying the Braves game like any other fan. He was drinking beers while watching the Mets take on the Braves.  Unfortunately Justin must have drank a few too many to give him the notion that sliding down a stairwell would be a great idea. Details from police reports states that Justin wanted slide down the hand rails which then led him to fall 150 feet from the club level seats to the field level seating area. He was taken to the nearby hospital where he died from fatal brain injuries.

Fan Falls To Death at Soldier Field

Stuart Haverty went to see the Bears take on the Eagles at Soldier Field. He was just a normal fan rooting for ‘Da’ Bears.’ Then his day took a turn for the worse. He went away from his seat to go for a smoke and he never came back. There is a lot of speculation on his death. Some say he might have jumped and others say that he fell off the balcony. Ultimately his death was ruled as an accident, but out of this list this death has to be the most unclear on what happened that caused his death.

Fans Die at Port-Au-Prince Soccer Match

Of all the tragic events on this list, this has to be the most bizarre. During a “Play for Peace” game in 2005, policeman and civilians with machetes went into the stands and attacked the fans watching the game. It was said that the Haitian police started to target the fans that they saw as scum and began to attack them. It is estimated that there were 50 people killed that day.  Again I stress that the whole theme around this game was to “Play for Peace” which I guess that message did not get to the police. Plus the game was to show the youth that soccer is fun and a better alternative to gang activity. AGAIN another message that seems was not given to the police department!