We've known for awhile that Guns N' Roses was coming to El Paso but now we finally now who their opening act is too!

Guns N' Roses announced months ago that they were heading out on tour again and would have a date right here in El Paso in Sept. 6. While that news was huge enough to get the entire city excited, we all wondered who would be opening for the iconic band. Considering their past, they could get almost anyone to do it and it would complement the band. A new rock band, an 80's classic or anything in between. Well now we know who that band is, or rather, who the bands are.

Guns N' Roses have recruited various bands to come out with them on tour this time around, ensuring almost every date will have a different experience for fans. The likes of Our Lady Peace, the Deftones, Royal Blood, Live and more have all been tapped for various shows.

In El Paso though, we're getting some good ol' Texas boys.

ZZ Top will be joining Guns N' Roses for their tour date right here in El Paso. The blues rock trio will only be performing two dates with the rockers and both of them are Texas dates. Some of the tour dates still don't have their openers revealed yet but I'm glad they've already told us about El Paso.

Just a few years back, the Top played to a sold-out audience at the Abraham Chavez -- a tight, high-energy set with a video presentation that told the stories of their set list. If you missed that performance, I feel sorry for you. You should make it up by being at the Sun Bowl on Sept. 6.

ZZ Top in El Paso (Kevin Vargas)
ZZ Top in El Paso (Kevin Vargas)

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