Vacation time is a coming. What plans do you have to enjoy some time off work? Trying new beers can always be a good way to relax and pass the time. Well, if part of your vacation time has you traveling through Denver, Colorado, Wynkoop Brewery could be a stop to try a, how should I put it up, unique beer.

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So, folks in Denver, Colorado love to snack on fried bull testicles, otherwise known as mountain oysters. Naturally, the next step in mountain oyster use would be to make a beer around it. That's right, a bull testicle infused beer.

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout originally started out as an April Fools joke from Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver according to But locals tried the beer and loved it. It has stuck around at the brewery since 2012.

So, you're reading this and automatically think this is a nutty story. Well, it's not. Check out this from the Wynkoop Brewing Company Instagram page:

And this:

And finally, this:

So what all is in this beer and what does it taste like? If you go to Wynkoop Brewing Company's website, you can see that it is made with roasted barley, seven specialty grains, golding hops and roasted bull testicles. The taste? According to the author at, it has the taste of a dark IPA with a hint of chocolate and nuts.

So there you go. If you make a trip to Denver, Colorado, stop by Wynkoop Brewing Company and have a taste of their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.

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