Set your crotch phasers to stunned — the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and star of the HBO series ‘Cathouse’ wants to make men’s fantasies of extra-terrestrial sex a reality by opening an entire brothel of women dressed like aliens

Dennis Hof, reality TV personality and modern day mayor of both Sodom and Gomorrah, just bought a piece of property in the Las Vegas desert. He plans to renovate the space and reopen it with a science fiction theme. It will be called, and this is a stretch, Alien Cathouse. Hof promises PUN WARNING! PUN WARNING! “girls from another world.

“It’s all an attempt to cash in on the property’s location just south of the federal installation formerly known as the Nevada Test Site — though nowhere near the actual Area 51.”

It’s kind of like when a pizza place opens in Nebraska and brands itself “Big Apple Pizza” but the only thing New York about the joint is that it runs through you’re intestines like a subway train.

Look, we get it, men have fantasies and the sex industry has long been known to play on those fantasies to make a buck. Good examples would be parody porn of popular TV shows and movies and the popularity of Cosplay. These have always just been fantasies — images on a screen or kinkiness behind closed doors. We’re not sure men would pay hard earned money to roll around on a giant Millenium Falcon bed with a woman dressed up like Slave Leia.

Fine, that does sound kind of hot, but seriously…hey, where the hell are you going? The place isn’t even built yet!

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