There is some news going around that some parents in El Paso can relate to. There are some people in El Paso who definitely remember getting hit with a paddle or stick in school.

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Of course, if you were hit in school it was because you misbehaved. There are still some parents who strongly believe in the power of spanking their children.

But if your parents were in high school in the 70s then they must have stories about getting hit in school. I heard my fair share from my parents growing up about how times have changed.

It apparently seems as though times are going back to that old punishing tactic for a school district in Missouri. Physical punishment will make a comeback for some schools in Cassville.

This kind of topic can be very controversial for some parents and even teachers. Now if I were a teacher I wouldn't feel comfortable giving physical punishment to students if they were misbehaving.

The parents in Cassville are allowed to opt-out if they don't want their children having physical punishment. This kind of topic had me curious about how El Paso parents would feel if physical punishment was reinstated here.

I am almost positive some El Paso moms would prefer to bust out their chancla instead of teachers punishing them. As a parent, I am not the kind of mother who will let their kids run around a store doing whatever they please.

Plus there are people out there who get annoyed by parents who just sit back and let their kids be destructive. How would you feel if physical punishment was reinstated in El Paso?

If I had to guess I would say some parents would be for it while others not so much. So share your opinion on how you feel about physical punishment and if it made a comeback here in El Paso in the poll below.

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