A popular California restaurant is giving us a lesson in how to turn $1 into $55.

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You know those cheap $1 Maruchan cup of ramen noodles that we all love (don't deny it, you know they're good)? Well, the "Novaruption" at NOVA Kitchen in California has many on Instagram divided over the "versatile" noodle dish. It IS $55, but I guess the way it's prepared is what makes it different right?

According to the chef, here's what you'll get:

  • The braised short ribs that line the bottom of the cup slowly cook until they become tender and fall-apart tender.
  • The basil leaves are fried until they have a slight crunch (without being greasy), which makes them an excellent addition to any noodle bowl.
  • The creamy slaw adds some texture and tang to this already complex dish—and it's not too heavy or rich either.

Check it out below:

So, it looks like you kind of get a bang for your buck; so, I ask you, my fellow El Pasoans, would you be willing to pay the $55 price tag for this?

For $55, I would prefer to not have to dig out my braised short rib meat out of a Maruchan cup! Put it in a fancy bowl at least- but yeah, I'll admit, I would pay for it because that slaw and those ribs look delicious!

However, I'm sure that we can make this at home; and I'm damn sure that an El Paso vendor would totally make this for cheaper; the price tag would be cheaper but it would probably be worth the $55! If you know an El Paso chef who could recreate this, send them my way!

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