For some people, being on lockdown and isolation brings out the worst in them. But this might not even be the worst about Billy Joe Saunders, but it's definitely absolutely horrific. Just watch the video...

Yup, that's a whole video about how to hit a woman. Saunders is a champion boxer. He's the WBO super-middleweight champ. He's also no stranger to bad decisions. Rather than me trying to explain, this comes straight from his Wikipedia page.

A video of Saunders taunting a drug addict, offering £150 of crack cocaine to perform a sex act or punch a passer-by while he sat in his Rolls-Royce, was released on 17 September 2018. The woman punched a man walking past and a friend of Billy Joe's filmed the incident of which he then drove away from. There was no indication that Saunders had drugs in his possession, a second video then surfaced of him calling another woman "a prostitute", and stating "we don’t wanna get the clap off you". The General Secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control, Robert Smith, responded: "I have just seen the videos and I can tell you we find it disgusting. I am speaking to members of the board now. I am keen to get on with this as soon as possible." The incidents were investigated.[123][124] And the BBBofC found Saunders 'guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute', issued Saunders a severe reprimand and fined him £100,000.[125]

In March 2020, Saunders was alleged to have made a ‘phone call to Delta Airlines claiming that three other boxers on a flight from Las Vegas to New York were infected with the Coronavirus associated with the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. The call resulted in the three boxers being removed from the flight. An audio clip of the call circulated on social media in which Saunders was heard laughing about the incident.

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