For the few of you out there who haven’t been following the Raleigh, North Carolina  pee-wee basketball league this year, here’s your crash course in awesome.The thrill of victory and the agony of hearing a suburban Mom shout like a lunatic are all in full display in this sweet clip.

With only one play left and down by one,  #23 dribbles just past half court and launches a 3-point shot desperation heave. It would be a beautiful moment caught on tape if not the for a hopped up on Red Bull and box wine Mom spitting out blistering play-by-play and overshadowing the final moment.

Disney will soon be calling– the kid’s story will end up as a feature film and the mom will end up on Sportscenter filling in for Stewart Scott. She’ll have to work on being a little more annoying to fit in though.

[Editor's Note -- The user has disabled the embedding of the video so click the picture to go watch it on YouTube.]