Colin Kaepernick has settled his lawsuit with the NFL, and his attorney said that Kaeperenick still wants to play in the NFL. The teams that his attorney floated out there as possibilities were the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. If Kaepernick were to sign with either of those teams, it would be as a backup quarterback.

I get that the Patriots make sense for one main reason. Their owner, Robert Kraft, is very progressive and would take a chance on a guy like Kaepernick. BUT, a backup quarterback needs to have the same style of play as the starter, and Kaepernick is the anti-Brady. He has to rely on his legs because his accuracy is awful.

Now, what about the Panthers? It's almost a perfect fit, if Kaepernick is willing to be a backup. His style of play is very similar to Cam Newton's and Newton is frequently injured. Plus, the other player in the lawsuit, Eric Reid, played most of last year with the Panthers.

If I'm a betting man, I'm putting money on Kaepernick signing with the Carolina Panthers. But I'm not a betting man because weird s*** happens far too often.

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