It's no surprise that El Paso loves concerts. We don't care if it's a big show at the Don Haskins or Abraham Chavez or a smaller show at the Lowbrow Palace or The Rockhouse. When there's a concert that comes to town, fans will show up in troves to show their support loudly & proudly. Of course we're also aware of "the rules" when it comes to wearing band shirts in public. (Like if you're going to wear one, at least known a few of their songs).

But lately there's been an increase in the idea that, it's NOT ok to wear a band shirt at a concert.

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When did this start?

It's hard to know exactly when this idea that it's lame or uncool to wear a band shirt at a concert came from; Reddit posed this question a while back in 2015 asking this. However there was an old 2014 article from Alt Press called The 10 Commandments of Show-Going. It's #2 that says "Thou shalt not wear the t-shirt of the band you are going to see to the show".

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The reasoning is that, people KNOW you're there for the same reason. It's redundant to wear a band shirt at THEIR shirt so you should wear something else to connect with people there. Other people call it "lame" to wear a band shirt to that same concert.

So what do I think?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a band shirt to their concert. Speaking from personal experience, anytime I go to shows, I will see fans wearing shirts of that same band they're going to see, wear their shirts. For example, when I saw Iron Maiden in 2022, most of the fans wore Iron Maiden shirts because they wanted to show their support and appreciation for Maiden.

The same thing when I saw Rush in 2012. Almost every single SHIRT at the venue were Rush shirts (and yes that included me too).

And don't even get me started when Metallica came through town...

To me, wearing a band shirt TO a concert is an ultimate sign of respect: that band means something to you. So why not wear it and connect with fellow fans? You can talk about your favorite song, album, how great the artist is. I see more pros than cons when you wear a Metallica shirt to a concert than if you don't. (Of course you don't HAVE to but that's up to you if you want to!)

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