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For all the National Football League fans and bettors, this two-week period right before the new season is always fun.

There is the last-minute scrambling to figure out your plays for Week 1, the drafting of teams in fantasy leagues, and the crunching of numbers if you are a futures player.

The new campaign kicks off Thursday, September 9, and it starts with a blockbuster: Dallas Cowboys at the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady will watch on as another one of his banners gets lifted to the top of the flagpole, although this time it will be on top of the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium.

So which division races should be easy to pick, and what are the best odds for those favorites?

Let’s take a look

Four Easiest NFL Division Races To Call, With Best Odds

AFC West, Kansas City Chiefs, odds to win -305

Yes, the Los Angeles Chargers (odds to win +550) are better. Yes, the Denver Broncos (odds to win +700) are better. No, neither of those teams is touching this Kansas City team that is on a mission since it was embarrassed in Super Bowl LV.

I would expect the Chiefs to come out and put the pedal down early, and possibly roll through the league to lock up the best record in the AFC and home field for the playoffs.

NFC North, Green Bay Packers, odds to win -177

I cannot believe the odds are even this long. The Minnesota Vikings are second choice here (+300), and they are not anything special. Chicago is building to the future after an 8-8 campaign in 2020, and looks to be the heir apparent to the Packers (odds of +550), but it will not be in 2021. The Detroit Lions? Yikes.

If you can get the Packers at these odds or maybe even closer to even money, jump on them.

NFC South, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, odds to win -190

The defending champions have no competition in this division, and should be much closer to the Chiefs’ odds than the Packers’ odds. If you look back to last season, you will remember that the Bucs did not win the South, despite winning the Super Bowl. It was the New Orleans Saints at 12-4 that beat out Tampa by a game. This season, the Saints have a new quarterback, and look to be the only challengers (odds of +325 to win the South) to the Bucs: Atlanta is +800, and Carolina is +1100.

AFC East, Buffalo Bills, odds to win -150

The Miami Dolphins are +350 as the second choice, and maybe the New England Patriots (odds of +350) could contend, but the AFC runners-up should roll again in 2021. If Buffalo regresses at all, though, the Patriots could be there to win back their crown. This is probably the only division with the favorite at minus money where there is a little bit of skepticism. Maybe people need to see the Bills do it again to believe in them. But this team is good, and could rule the roost for a long time here. I would jump on these odds, and maybe put all four favorites listed here in a parlay.

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