In the New York social scenes, Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter is known as much for his off field 'conquests' as his hall of fame career.  Unlike a lot of dumb athletes, Jeter has never been married, and doesn't flaunt his exploits.

After his highly publicized break up with actress Minka Kelly this summer, Jeter is back to his tomcatting ways.  According to this New York Post article Jeter has special 'parting gifts' for all his flings.

After a night of steamy passion, the captain's women are whisked away in a limo.  The limo has a gift basket with Jeter memorabilia, including signed baseballs.

One friend claims that Jeter hooked up with a girl for the second time, didn't recognize her, and sent her away with the same gift basket.

I gotta hand it to 'Jetes.'  He is approaching Chamberlain-esque figures in the sack and is still loved by children and corporate America.