There are certain teams in sports that are so bad to root for as a fan, that it's painful. In football, the Cleveland Browns qualify in this category. Since Jim Brown retired after the 1965 season, Cleveland has made the playoffs a total of 14 times. However, the franchise last won a playoff game in 1994 and has only been to the postseason one time in the last 21 years. Last night summed up how tough it is to be a Browns fan. The team had a 2-8 record and was hosting the 3-7 Ravens on Monday Night Football. Despite their terrible records, both teams played an entertaining game on national television that was tied at 27 with just 3 seconds left to play in the fourth quarter. As Cleveland lined up to attempt the game winning 51-yard field goal, the kick was blocked and recovered by Baltimore's Will Hill. 64 yards later, Hill ran into the end zone and the Ravens shocked the Browns 33-27 on the final play of the game. If that play wasn't crazy enough, consider that Cleveland has lost 22 games since 1999 on the final play of the game. Some diehards in Cleveland were recording video of the final play hoping to celebrate. Instead, their reaction to the epic fail went viral and illustrates why it sucks to be a Browns fan.

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