The Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania is always the craziest show of the year. Not only is the crowd very vocal, but the fallout from Wrestlemania is addressed immediately.

That's exactly what happened last night when Brock Lesnar wanted a rematch for the WWE Championship. The night before at Wrestlemania 31, Lesnar lost his title to Seth Rollins even though he didn't pin Lesnar. He cashed in his Money in the Bank and pinned Roman Regins.

It appeared that Rollins was going to give Lesnar his rematch, but as the match was about to start, Rollins announced that he was to tired to wrestle so he wasn't going to wrestle Lesnar.

And that's when Lesnar lost his temper and started taking everybody out! Rollins was able to escape, but his security guys weren't that lucky. Lesnar even took out the RAW announcing crew and gave an F5 to Michael Cole and one of the cameramen. This brought out Stephanie McMahon who then suspended Lesnar for his actions.

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