After I found out I was moving to El Paso I had so many people bring up Marty Robbins' El Paso. Some people were asking if I had heard it. Others would joke that singing the song verbatim was a requirement when you moved here. Either way, it got brought up, a lot.

A YouTuber named Roger Wilbanks put together a great video, animating the storyline to Marty Robbins' El Paso. He does a great job telling the story along with Marty Robbins.

Of course, when it comes to YouTube videos, you have to check the comments, and there are some great ones with this video that sparked quite the debate.

BlueLine48 said:

Funny thing is, he probably would've gotten out of any murder charges by plea of self-defense. The cowboy went for his gun first, and the hero drew his in response. He was just a better shot. Which means his only crime was just stealing a horse.

It was this comment that got to the argument as to whether or not the protagonist or the antagonist in the song are to blame. Who shot first? We have a bit of a Han Solo thing going on here. Some claim that only thing the protagonist was only defending himself, and his only crime was actually stealing the horse. This would have led to a pretty major punishment. Even if the 'law' didn't catch up with the horse thief, it wouldn't have been too far fetched for a group of vigilantes to get their own justice.

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