There are a variety of reasons that great, and not so great, former athletes make a seamless transition to broadcasting.

1.  They already had great personalities and become great on air with practice.

2.  They put the same work ethic into broadcasting that they did playing the game.

3.  They know what the Hell they are talking about and have instant credibility with an audience.

Warren Sapp has become a solid analyst for the NFL Network.  However, he needs to remember rule number one of broadcasting:  ALWAYS ASSUME YOUR MIC IS HOT!!!

Earlier this week, former Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli was making the rounds on the NFL Network.  Off camera, Sapp became annoyed when the host brought up the New England/Bill Belichick angle because Mike Lombardi had done that earlier.

(Warning:  video contains explicit language)

A lot of people are crushing Sapp, but he is thinking like a good producer.  It is lazy interviewing/journalism to cover the same angle that was covered earlier.  In this crazy 24/7 information age we live in, it is vital to advance the story.  Sapp just has to be smarter about when he chooses to express his opinion.