Monday night's NCAA championship game between Villanova and UNC featured one of the greatest finishes in NCAA tournament history.  Villanova shocked North Carolina with a three-pointer buzzer beater by Kris Jenkins to win the game 77-74, and in doing so, broke the hearts of Tar Heels faithful all over the country.

The epic ending to the game began when North Carolina tied the contest up at 74-74 as Marcus Paige hit a one footed off balance 3 point shot with 5 seconds remaining.  It seemed inevitable that the game was going into overtime, and there was no doubt that the Tar Heels had all the momentum in the world as they were able to overcome a 10 point deficit late in the game, and tie it up on an incredible shot.  Villanova would not be denied though to give the Wildcats their first NCAA championship since 1985.

Some may argue that the conclusion to the 1983 NCAA championship game between NC State and Houston where Lorenzo Charles caught an air ball and dunked it as time expired to win the title for the Wolfpack had a more dramatic finish.  I think that game was more significant because NC State, who was such a heavy underdog, defeated a Houston squad with Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler.  In terms of the best ending in a championship game though, last night's conclusion is the undisputed winner.

Ironically enough Villanova defeated a team from the state of North Carolina in Houston, eerie coincidences and parallels to the 1983 championship game, considering that Houston lost to NC State.  March Madness is the craziest time of year for sports, and the NCAA tournament is the greatest playoff system on earth because a team like Villanova, who no one in their right minds saw winning a national championship, pulled it off in the greatest finish in championship history.