Well, they don't call us 'Dirt City' for nothing, folks. Apparently, Lubbock residents that have moved into recently developed luxury areas on the outskirts of town, namely in south Lubbock, have been complaining about not being able to enjoy their fancy new patios because of all of the dust.

It's like they never realized while living directly in town, just how dusty it is. The city acted as a barrier between them and the blowing west Texas dirt. Now that they have moved to 'McMansions' out in open fields, they are getting a real taste of Lubbock, and it's gritty.

This TikTok video by @westtexasprogessive claims that the residents want the state to do something about their patios. What that something is, we can only speculate. As far as I know, Abbott doesn't have any control over the lack of rain. If he does, he's been seriously holding out on us...

Check out the video below and tell me if you agree that people complaining about dirt around here are completely out of touch.

The dirt around here is no joke. I don't live in a fancy house on the outskirts of town, but I can tell you I definitely have a dusty porch. There hasn't been a blade of grass in my super-shaded backyard in two years. It's just a bunch of dirt, and the lack of rain is creating problems all over. Complaining about it because you moved all the way to the edge of town where you aren't protected from the elements is just silly. Get over it, you weenies.

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