I moved houses in Abilene a little over a week ago. I don't know a single soul that enjoys the lifting and backbreaking perils of moving. I sure know I didn't. I'm still sore in places that I didn't think I could get sore. Nonetheless, no sooner than you get everything moved in, the process of unpacking begins.

I'll admit. I'd much rather unpack than pack any day. I don't know what it is about it. It just seems easier to me and more fun than stuffing things into boxes. I guess it's the excitement of the new home and putting things in their place.

However, unpacking is still a pain and there are some hacks you should know about. A blog was put up on the storage website SmartBox that I tried out myself and it really did seem to make a difference. The blog details some simple hacks you can follow to make unpacking a breeze. If you're moving soon, you'll be facing the same perils I did. Look below, it could save you a bunch of time and hassle.


Photo: Shelley Edmondson
Photo: Shelley Edmondson

Keep an Inventory List

As you're packing it's a good idea to keep a running list of what you're packing in each box. That way you can unpack things in the order that you want.

Label the Boxes

Even if it's as simple as writing "Kitchen" on the box, attaching the contents of each box is also a huge time saver.

Unpack Bedrooms and Bathrooms First

This one is a biggie and helps a lot. At the end of a hard day of moving, I want nothing more than a hot shower and a soft bed. Unpacking these rooms first makes it nice, you'll be glad you did.

Photo: Shelley Edmondson
Photo: Shelley Edmondson

Break Down Boxes, Don't Let Them Pile Up

Take it from me firsthand, empty boxes will just get in your way. Breaking boxes down and stacking them as you go eliminates any unnecessary clutter.

Tackle One Room at a Time

Some may disagree with me here but I found it much easier to get one room unpacked at a time. Since I had my boxes labeled and good to go, this was easy.

Make Sure To Pack An Essentials Box

Trust me, there's going to be things after the move that you'll need access to quickly. Pack toilet paper, medication, and other must-have items in one go-to box. I was so glad I did.

Photo: Shelley Edmondson
Photo: Shelley Edmondson

Seat Daily Goals

It's next to impossible to unpack an entire house in one day. Set daily goals such as unpacking certain rooms first.

Don't Unpack Everything

This is an easy trap to fall into. In most cases, it's not necessary to unpack every box. For example, holiday decorations and the like can easily be stored as is until needed.

Let's face it. Packing and unpacking are a drag. At least it is for me. Luckily, I took the advice of the above and lessened the pains of unpacking. You can too.

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