This guy climbed a chimney for the ultimate in extreme sports.

This video comes from Romania, which is clearly raising the bar for daredevils everywhere.

Our fearless hero juggles oranges while walking around the thin perimeter of an 840-foot-high chimney before launching into the main event -- riding the unicycle atop the dilapidated chimney. Assuming you aren't afraid of heights and don't get motion sickness, you can see the bricks in the chimney are not in the best condition.

Not content with his unicycle stunt, he then hangs down the middle of the chimney with one hand. It's like he's taunting the Grim Reaper.

It's a bold stunt, for sure, and one that's bound to not make you feel as cool the next time you take a two-wheeler up to a slim roof because, really, that's just child's play.

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