Why even do this?

A fan at UFC 274 got on camera and outlined her motive, then she attempted to execute it.

The fan's plan was to run down the aisle and scale the octagon prior to the main event, well she got to the octagon and that's where it came to a crashing end.

As soon as this fan jumped on the fencing of the octagon, a security officer tossed her straight to the ground and the landing was not soft.

Again, I will never understand why fans attempt to disrupt sporting events, they rarely end in the favor of the fan.

With that said, the next time you ever have any desire to run on a field, a court, or scale the octagon, remember how this ended.

Check out this terrible decision by this young lady and check out the fall she took.

Here's a shot of the fan bouncing up from the floor after being tossed from the octagon.

Here's what some fans are saying on social media since this video of the fan being tossed to the ground surfaced.


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