People in El Paso know it is rare and happens at random times when the borderland gets snow. Plus, times it has snowed it either melts quickly when the sun is not having it.

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While other times there's too much of it and all we can do is make snow angels. It isn't like we can bust out some tubes, skis, or snowboards to use.

Normally if we want an adventurous ride on the snow we head to Ruidoso, New Mexico. But snow can only last so long in Ruidoso and eventually melts.

I am sure there are some people out there who wish the snow could last forever. While other El Pasoans feel the total opposite such as myself.

Not long ago I had mentioned a place in Texas you could visit to play in the snow indoors. The place is called Snowy Fun and is located in Little Elm, Texas.

Well in a few years a part of Texas will have a couple of spots where snow will exist every day. There are some big plans set for Texas that should excite snowboarders and skiers.

In 2026, the Lone Star State will have an indoor snow sports resort. Bode Miller the Olympic champ plans to plant at least two indoor skiing venues in Texas.

The newsletter mentions plans that revolve around the quote "Everything's bigger in Texas" check it out.

Alpine-X looks like it would be a chill place to ride especially during the summer. We all know El Paso could definitely benefit from having an indoor skiing venue.

There are tons of locals in El Paso who travel to Ruidoso or even Denver to play in the snow. Plus, the people who hate the summer would make that place their new favorite spot to stay cool in the borderland.

Sure you may prefer Ruidoso's nature but if rather skip the long drive an indoor snow resort is convenient. WFAA's YouTube video below gives us definite confirmation Texas is about to get cooler. There still is no word on where exactly they plan to put the Alpine-X Ski Sports Resort in Texas.


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