March is a time I look forward to because of March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament where 68 of the nation's best college teams battle it out to find out who's the best college basketball team in all of the land.

I love it! So much so that I set up a new "Big Joe Command Center" at the Big Joe Ranch. It includes a big 65 inch and two 45 inch TVs with killer surround sound capabilities so that you can hear the squeak of the sneakers on the hardwood courts.

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Big Joe Henry - Townsquare Media

With four television networks and the start of 34 games, I have to be prepared. My two friends come over and we collectively place a bet or two and it makes the games more exciting. The TVs allow us to air all the best games college basketball has to offer.

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I enjoy watching college basketball much more than watching the NBA. This year March Madness will truly be madness. All 68 teams will be quarantined in the state of Indiana at different facilities. Parents and siblings will be allowed to watch their family member play in the tournament but must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test and adhere to mask wearing and social distancing. They will be the only ones allowed at the game venue. The NCAA has stated that they can control the exposure to the pandemic that way.

With the tournament selection scheduled for Sunday, March 14, Jersey has two teams that have a chance at the big dance. Rutgers, who at this writing is predicted to make the cut with a 91.4% chance and is projected to be a 9 seed in the bracket. Seton Hall has a 94.4% chance of making the cut but is projected to be an 11 seed which could cause problems for the Pirates as they will play a high-ranked opponent in the first round.

At a time when medical personal are asking us to stay home and chill, the NCAA March Madness tournament is certainly a great way to adhere to those guidelines. You know where I'll be! At the Big Joe Command Center with my friends, the two Toms, rooting for our favorite team to cover the spread. Good Luck!

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