Sometimes not everything is as it seems, and that is definitely the case for this historic Texas ‘Pharmacy’. 

Olmos Pharmacy originally opened its doors in the 1930s as Gilmore Pharmacy in Olmos Park San Antonio, Texas. As time went on, it’s seen many changes over the years while still maintaining its iconic exterior look. The interesting part is that despite the name, it hasn’t actually been run as a pharmacy in a very long time.  

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For years it was the place to get a milkshake or soda, then it eventually became a hub for music and comfort food.  

In 2017 the owners at the time decided to close it down for a variety of reasons, and locals were sad to see it go. Less than two years later they reopened and were now serving Italian food. 

The San Antonio favorite, Volare, decided to purchase the building and make it their second location. They kept the iconic neon sign at the front of the building, adding Volare signs along the sides of the building. Inside they serve delicious Italian food. 

I came across this restaurant on TikTok and was immediately intrigued. According to some of the comments on the post, even locals had no clue it was anything other than a pharmacy. It almost gives me speakeasy vibes with the appearance of one business on the outside and it being something else once you step inside. 

You can take a small look inside, specifically at some of the food, in this video: 

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