World records are always fascinating to me & me being a car lover, I love things that go  FAST. We've talked about some of the most unique world records that were broken in Texas.

This list is going to be different: these records are strictly about speed. These are some of the speed records broken by Texas.

NOTE: You should NEVER attempt to drive this fast on the road. Only on the racetrack.

The oldest Texas speed record was first set way back in 1956; Fort Worth's Johnny Allen & the Texas Cee-Gar (a Triumph-engine streamliner) were able to break the 200 mph barrier at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Johnny & the Cee-Gar clocked a top speed of 214.40 mph.

Staying at the Bonneville Flats, that's where El Paso race car driver Christy Georges, became the world's fastest woman ever in a NASCAR: over 208 mph in 2007.

Dr. Michael E. Janssen, Center For Spine & Orthopedics
Dr. Michael E. Janssen, Center For Spine & Orthopedics

The world's fastest Texas production car is the Hennessy Venom GT (made in Sealy, TX) with a top speed of 270 mph. So far, it holds the record of being the fastest production car from 0-300 km (or 0-180 mph); in just 13.83 seconds. If you're curious to see just how fast the Venom goes, watch this:

The fastest a street legal car has ever gone at Beeville's Texas Mile is held by the MK2 Motorsports 2006 Ford GT. Patrick O'Gorman clocked in a blistering 300 mph in only 22 seconds from a standstill. This was the run that did it.

The view is even more insane from the onboard camera.

That's not even the fastest a car has ever gone at The Texas Mile. THAT record belongs to Team Dewitt. Their turbine jet car reached 323 mph in the Spring of 2008.

Just for fun, what was the fastest speeding ticket ever recorded in Texas? As of 2022, the current record goes to a driver in Texas who was clocked at going over 240 mph in May 2003. The car he was driving was a Koenigsegg CCR.

If you've unfamiliar with a Koenigsegg, here's what it looks like

Australian International Motorshow
Getty Images

YEAH. 243 mph in THAT thing. Now that's the one record you should NEVER attempt to break.

We'll see if any other speed records get broken in Texas or BY Texans. With our love for speed in Texas, I can see that happening again in the future.

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