"Everything is bigger in Texas". You've heard it, I've heard it, but it does ring true. Sometimes it's food, a place or just something really unique. These 10 things prove that some of the biggest things in the world DO exist in Texas.

Biggest Pecan

Seguin, Texas is the "Pecan Capital of the World". So it's only fitting that it's home of the world's largest pecan, not only in the Texas, but the world. The original pecan was 5 ft. long back in 1962 before the record was broken. But Texas reclaimed it with this 16 ft. pecan in 2011.

Biggest Bowie Knife

It makes sense that the biggest pecan would be found in the Pecan Capital; just like it makes that the biggest bowie knife is found in Bowie, Texas. The 20 Ft. steel knife tall, with the blade being 14 ft. long itself, claimed the record in 2017.

Biggest Bass Drum

The University of Austin unveiled the Big Bertha II bass drum in 2022 & it's become the biggest bass drum in the world. For over 100 the original Big Bertha was the biggest until Big Bertha II became the new record holder. You can see some more music world records held in Texas here.

World's Largest Convenience Store

It's no secret that Texas loves Buc-ee's. It's only natural that one of Texas's favorite convenience store chains has THE world's largest convenience store in the world. More specifically the one in New Braunsfel is the record holder: over 66k square feet. Side fact: the world's largest car wash also belongs to Buc-ee's, the one in Katy is over 255 feet long. It's so big that some people have even spent an entire day inside.

Biggest Commercially Available Pizza

Pizza is one of the greatest foods in the world. But even if I have to admit: I'd be scared if I wanted to eat the world's biggest pizza by myself. The record was set in 2018 by the Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson, TX. Nicknamed "The Bus", this giant pizza was 8 ft x 2ft 8 inch big and costs nearly $300. And yes they still make this giant pizza.

World's Tallest Swing Carousel Ride

In 2013, the Texas SkyScreamer broke the record for "tallest swing carousel" at the Six Flags Over Texas located in Arlington, TX. It stands at 402 ft. 10 inches. While I would be terrified riding the SkyScreamer, I will gladly appreciate it from afar.

Largest Bat Colony

You wouldn't think that Texas is the home to the largest bat colony, but San Antonio's Bracken Cove IS the record holder. It's the home to 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats is currently owned by the Bat Conversation International since 1991.

Largest State Fair

The home of Big Tex, The State Fair of Texas is the current record holder for the biggest state fair in the entire United States with over 2 million visitors a year.

Largest Cowboy Boots

Texas is proud of its cowboy heritage & we are the proud owners of the world's largest cowboy boots. Back in 1979, Bob "Daddy-O" Wade sculpted & finished the gigantic 35 x 33 tall cowboy boots in San Antonio.

Largest Man Made Illuminated Star

Rounding out of BIG list is The El Paso Star on The Franklin Mountains. As of 2023, it's the official record holder for having the largest man made illuminated star: sitting at 459 feet tall & 278 feet wide.

Miguel Vigil
Miguel Vigil

If you want to see some other world records set in Texas, you can find 10 more here.

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