So for a couple of years now, the NFL has decided to have the Pro Bowl played one week before the Super Bowl in the hopes that the ratings would go up.  Well after the embarrassment that what was presented as a "football game" the NFL should just cancel the game.

I know that none of the players want to get hurt, but at least give the fans some type of effort.  Absolutely zero defense was played yesterday.  I do realize that there were some interceptions in the game, but that was because the QB threw it right to them.

When I  went to the Pro Bowl 4 years ago, that game was the game of the century compared to what I saw yesterday.  It's one thing to be relaxed on defense but when the crowd actually starts to boo due to the lack of effort, the NFL should just consider canceling the game or turn it into a flag football game.

Compared to the other major sports, the Pro Bowl has always been a joke.  The NBA All Star Game has a lot of scoring (just like yesterdays game) but at least I don't hear the fans boo.  The MLB All Star Game is still the best out there. Wait, I'd  rather just watch the home run derby.

I'm not the only one that feels like this.  Mike Golic from "Mike and Mike" feels that the game was a joke.

Next year they should just have nothing but offensive players go to Hawaii.  The defensive guys can stay home...They did this year.

The highlights speak for themselves.  "Defense was optional."