The Philadelphia Eagles shocked everyone last night with a stunning 41-33 Super Bowl LII win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles was named MVP, yes that's right you heard me correctly, Foles, a guy who contemplated retirement from football a couple of seasons ago, and only played three regular season games, won the most coveted award in professional football.

In one of the most memorable Super Bowls of all time, numerous records were set including most combined yards by both teams ever in an NFL game with 1,151, most passing yards in a game for Brady with 505, most points scored by a losing team in New England's 33, and most passing yards in a Super Bowl, 874.  Also worth mentioning, many Cowboys fans may not have been happy with the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory, however, a credit to the NFC East now, which is the only division to have seen all of its members hoist Lombardi Trophies.

Back to Nick Foles and his performance, which was one for the books.  His numbers were simply magnificent  as he threw for 373  yards with three touchdowns, one interception, a touchdown reception, and 106 QB rating.  Not to mention the fact that he outdueled the GOAT Tom Brady and led Philly to their first championship since 1960; the pre-Super Bowl era.  This was the ultimate feel good story for Foles, a guy who replaced a likely MVP winner in Carson Wentz.

Is there now a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia?  Let's face it, Foles did the unthinkable by leading Philly to a Super Bowl victory in nearly flawless fashion, and by winning the MVP.  One could argue that just getting the Eagles to Super Bowl LII was good enough for a backup QB who had virtually no reps with the first team players until December!  If your're Nick Foles do you really revert to being a backup?  I've often said, momentum is a hell of a thing to obtain in sports, and when you have it, don't change things at all, you may just regret it.

The bottom line is that the Eagles need to stick with Nick Foles going into next season.  You don't bench a Super Bowl MVP, it's just plain dumb and doesn't make sense.  I get it, Wentz is your quarterback of the future and has the huge contract, but the future starts now, and you simply can't look past what Foles did.  It's a brutal game, literally and figuratively, and what have you done for me lately has never been more evident.  Odds are that Foles starts next season so the Eagles can ensure that Wentz ACL is completely healed.

What if Foles begins next season red hot, do you really bench him then?  I suppose you could argue that the Eagles have one of those 'good problems' at this point.  Winning is everything, and the guy who just won the biggest game in franchise history, should be your starter.






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