We woke up this morning to the news we have been waiting for since March, THE LOCKOUT IS OVER (at least in principle).  This morning the NFLPA executive committee voted to accept the labor settlement with the NFL. We assume the 32 player representatives will vote to accept the CBA.  Now that the CBA is done we can move on to the shortest, most frenzied offseasons in NFL history.

ESPN has obtained a timeline of league business from an NFL source.

Monday: Team officials show up to facilities with giant bolt cutters to cut giant chains that were 'locking' players out.  Also teams can go to 90 man rosters and the official free agent list will be distributed to teams.

Tuesday: Trades can be made!  Teams can sign drafted players and undrafted free agents.  Teams can reach agreements but not sign all free agents.  Facilities are opened to signed players.

Thursday: Teams can cut players, beginning at 4 p.m. ET

Friday: At 6 p.m. ET the transaction wire will officially give out (I assume it's just one giant wire).  Teams can present offer sheets and sign all free agents.

August 4th: Deadline for players to recertify as a union and ratify the CBA.  League year can begin no later than this date!

The first week of the preseason is still in jeopardy, but we are now definitely on pace for the Packers and Saints to open the regular season on Thursday, September 8th.

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