It was the classic game many football fans expected. The New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers played 60 minutes of hard-nosed football and nothing had been decided. So, both teams coninued battling in sudden death overtime to decide the NFC champion. 

From a statistical perspective, the Giants and 49ers played an almost identical game. Both teams had the same number of offensive yards, and their defenses were dominant. It seemed like they could play forever without breaking the tie. Instead two costly mistakes by one player helped determine the winner. 

San Francisco's Kyle Williams had a game he would like to forget. In the 4th quarter, the 49ers punt return specialist had a football graze his leg that was recovered by the Giants. That costly mistake led to a New York touchdown. Then in overtime, Williams had the ball knocked out of his hands on another punt return. The Giants again capitalized on the mistake and kicked the game-winning 31-yard field goal to send them back to the Super Bowl.