Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. We all have things that remind us of a simpler time. Eras and decades that invoke so many good memories.

We see things like throwback parties where everyone dresses up as they did in a particular decade, then dances to and enjoys the music from said decade. They are hands down one of the most enjoyable things you can be a part of.

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We have so many decades that we can choose from. We see Roaring 20s parties, sock hops from the 50s, grunge style parties from the 90s. All of these are super popular options for a party and eras we draw on for fashion styles.

Notice there's one in there that I didn't mention? I know you're thinking it. Where's the 80s?

Well according to a new survey from the fashion site Boohoo, the 80s are alive and well in Texas. In fact, it's the most popular decade for Texans to gravitate to when it comes to fashion style. It's also the most searched fashion decade in the U.S. as it was noted as the favorite in 36 of 50 states.

If you're not familiar with the styles of the 80s, let me give you an idea of what you're looking for. The 80s were filled with bright, vibrant colors. If it was neon, it was in without a doubt. The oranges were brighter, the yellows were blinding, and even the purples had a distinct brightness to them.

It wasn't ALL bright colors though. Baggy blue jeans and biker jackets were a staple during the decade, and I've noticed those biker jackets starting to pop up a bit more around town.

The only state that searches 80s fashion more than Texas is California, and I'd imagine that's just the sheer number of people that live in California.

So the next time you're looking for that new fashion, maybe think about turning back the clock to the 80s. The funny thing about it is you'll already be on trend.

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