Throughout the whole game I was biting my nails and my heart was pounding like a psycho in a scary movie. But the Heat took charge in the 4th quarter and tore it up!!

That was quite a game. Cole impressing us more and more each game, Lebron of course, showing us what he can do and Wade making the Bulls question, 'what knee injury?'

So now, the Miami Heat have moved on up to the Conference Finals (still awaiting their next challenge) as well as the Memphis Grizzlies (and I thought OKC was really gonna make it all the way to the Finals).

Well, tonight might be the night that the San Antonio Spurs and/or Indiana Pacers move on up OR give the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies another day off.


Right now, as we speak the Knicks and Pacers game is on Halftime and the New York Knicks are up 40-34. (Who are you going for?)

But the excitement continues tonight with GSW and the San Antonio Spurs right after. (Who are you going for here?)

Man, I just love the NBA Playoffs ... the excitement is just awesome!!