The Golden State Warriors won their 73rd game of the regular season last night by defeating Memphis 125-104.  Golden State concluded their 2015-2016 campaign with a 73-9 record, and surpassed the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls for most wins in an NBA season with 73.  Not many people saw the Bulls' incredible record being surpassed 20 years after it was set, but these Warriors are undoubtedly one hell of a team.

I was fortunate enough to see the '95 Bulls play in person against Toronto, and can tell you first hand that they were something special.  Who would win in an NBA Finals series between the 1995 Bulls and the 2015 Golden State Warriors?  Some may say that is a rhetorical question, but in my opinion, the Bulls would win going away.  After all, they had the greatest player in NBA history in Michael Jordan, while Pippen and Rodman were also two of the greatest defenders in NBA history.  Ironically enough, Warriors' coach Steve Kerr was on that squad as well; what an incredible coincidence.

One thing is for certain, if the Warriors don't win the NBA championship, then their 73-9 record will simply be a footnote in history, because regular season wins are nice, but all that matters in the end are championships.